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The Iranian-Bulgarian Business Association aims at non-profit activities in the fields of preservation, development and promotion of the material and spiritual culture, tradition and practices of the ethnic groups, social formations, business environment and unions, as well as the good regional and international practices, experience and achievements in different spheres of the economy, the economic and social life.

The Iranian-Bulgarian Business Association is a non-profit organization for private interest and is registered as such under article 19 of the Non-Profit Organization Act.

Aims of the association and means, through which they are pursued:

» Assistance to members and non-members in achieving effective, sustainable and open politics in the area of preserving, developing and popularizing the cultural and historical heritage and spirituality.

» Cooperation and intermediation between members, non-members, institutions, similar associations through development and realization of projects, programs, strategies and events, aimed at the cultural and historical heritage, improvement of the economic situation, social diversity, quality of life and integration of the citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Bulgaria and other countries.

» Support of activities and events for optimization and application of practices and experience in the implementation of regional, national and international programs for social-economic and cultural development and cooperation.

» Help and support in realization and expansion of communication with similar organizations from Bulgaria and abroad, between the members of the association by supporting partnerships in different fields as well as joint activities and initiatives.

» Improvement of the flow of information and mutual help between members and founders through assistance for mutual acquaintance, organizing training sessions and discussions about events and activities by the association, its members, or partnering organizations.

» Research of investment projects, distribution of information and contacting potential investors. Improvement of the business relationships and business environment and providing better working conditions and information to citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran, temporarily or permanently residing in Bulgaria, as well as to their partners.

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Bulgaria office (residence)

Adress: 1505 Sofia, Bulgaria
52, Veltcho Atanasov Str., Office 3
(+3592) 944 51 31
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Fax: (02) 944 51 30
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